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Runescape Classic’s Server Shutdown Was Delayed So One Player Could Finish His Last Quest

One of the best Runescape Classic’s arguably, and final legend may be Twitch streamer called Titus Furius. Furius will be remembered in the history of the Runescape Classic’s hero for his bravery. Jagex closed the Classic servers on August 6th after seventeen years of operation. The game’s toughest task the Legends’ Quest was completed by Titus. Titus handled the task well having over one thousand people watching him at the 11th hour.

Runescape Classic

This event occurred in a couple of seconds prior to Classic being shut down. In the audience were some of the most professional Jagex workers that praised Titus for his bravery. The Jagex did everything to make the server continue working for some time before closure. This helped to make Titus the recent and well-known Classic’s final hero.

The first time Titus played Runescape was around 2003. In the past fifteen years, Titus took a long break from the game. Titus tried to show back after hearing that Jagex will be closing Classic. Titus was proud of having an old account to make him have access to the Veteran Only servers. After login, he tried to perform some tasks on Legends’ Quest and as well stream everything.
Titus told someone that he would be glad to see the content being displayed while playing and handling quests. Since the Early Classic days, Runescape has drastically changed. Runescape 2 happens to be the best game at the time and was unleashed for public consumption during 2004. In 2012, Runescape 2 was completed updated. This update led to the game being called Runescape before closure.

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The pre-updated edition of the game occurred around 2013 and came along with the Old School Runescape. The survival of Classic remains a great miracle in the eyes of many fans. Fans still love the game, and Jagex was aware of it. Even while the game received several complaints technically, the franchise decided to keep the game on.

The task Titus was resolving for a long time to accomplish. After playing for almost twelve hours, Titus was about fifteen to twenty minutes before finishing the Legends’ Quest. The next three minutes signal a sign that Classic will shut down finally. According to Titus, he broke into tear when he learnt that the game will be coming to an end within the next three minutes.

Without any scintilla of doubt, people can relate to the feeling Titus had for losing one of the best games he loved. Nothing eventually occurred after the timer struck the zero reading. Titus was alerted in his Twitch chat by Mod Atlas the moderator of Jagex that the server would have been shut down, but for your sake we prolong.

The dexterity Titus showed in completing the Legends’ Quest show he is the hero of the game. It is a shocking experience that many fans will always keep in their memory. With love from Jagex workers, Titus is the new and latest legend of the Runescape Classic’s game.