How to effectively compare Drinking Water Filter Systems: Effectiveness, Required Maintenance, Speed and Cost

We all know the importance of water in our lives. We also know that pollution has led to many water borne diseases and hard water is another major issue. That is why water filters are a must in every household. Many have the wrong idea that only for drinking we need pure water and not for cooking. As during cooking the water gets pure because of boiling. But that is wrong. Hard water cannot become soft water just by heating. Hard water has calcium and magnesium ions that make it unfit for drinking. Water filters make hard water into soft water. But due to so many options in the market anyone can get confused and make a wrong choice. So how to compare water filter systems? Here are the four major criteria –

Effectiveness of Water Filter

How effective a water filter system is? This question directly refers to is it able to satisfy your needs. Effectiveness directly refers to how good the work is being done. It depends upon two parameters-

  • How much water is it purifying?
  • How good is the purified water?

The amount of water being purified at a time depends upon the type of water filter system you choose. Usually, if you need water for the entire house then you should consider water softener systems. So first think about how much water is required by you on a daily basis and then choose the water filter system. Always go for more for example if you need 10L of water everyday then choose a system that would at least purify 12L.


Maintenance required by Water Filter System

Like any other appliance in your house even the water filter systems need maintenance. This usually depends upon the type of water filter you are using. There are mainly three types –

  • Salt based System – usually meant for whole household. This type of system is required to be installed near a drain to discharge salt tank and also requires replacement of salt.
  • Salt Free System – they are meant for moderately hard waters. They do not require replacement of salt but they do not perform well if water is too hard.
  • Electromagnetic System – they are meant for low to medium hard water. They require a periodic checking.

Out of the three types electromagnetic is the one that requires least maintenance.

Speed of Water Filter System

Speed here refers to how much water is being purified in how much time. This is a choice factor depending upon the amount of water you need to be purified and in how much time. Time depends upon the kind of system you install.

Cost of Water filters

This is the parameter that people mainly focus on. Everyone wants the best they can get in that budget. So keeping in all the points above you have to choose which one fits best in your budget. Read more to see the best water filter jugs in the US being compared.

Movie Box

Best Ways to Watch Movies Online for Free

Movies are something that is loved by all. It is considered to be as one of the best pastimes and the greatest source of entertainment. Every now and then a new movie gets released and if someone is a movie freak he will definitely have the zeal to watch the movie. These days we have so many options available with us through which we can enjoy the movie by just sitting at home and that too for free.

Here are the 2 best ways to watch a movie for free online. Let’s have a look at them.

Movie Streaming Apps

There are many apps through which you can stream hundred of movies and watch them. The two main apps are listed below:

  • ShowBox app

One of the best and the free Android apps that are used to stream high-quality HD movies for free is the ShowBox app. You can get movies on almost all the categories over here. Along with this, there is ChromeCast support feature which makes the app more usable and popular. You can go for the APK of the app to download it.

  • MovieBox app

This is another best movie app where you can get to see old as well as the new movies. For each and every movie, you will get to see the ratings and reviews along with the subtitles and hence there is no language barrier. Every month new flicks are added into its library. The movies are available at qualities like 720 pixels and 480 pixels.

  • Crackle

Crackle is one of the amazing apps where you will get huge categories to watch movies and TV shows. Although you cannot download the movies from crackle app, but watching them would be a great fun. You will get the movies sorted according to the genre.

Movie Streaming Sites

With the help of the movie streaming sites, you do not need to download the movies. You can simply watch them on these sites. Here are two of them:

  • Putlockers2

This is one of the best sites to watch movies for free. The movies are regularly updated over here and you will find a perfect collection of the new hits and the old classics at this site. Without any registration, you can watch the movies for free.

  • Hulu         hulu

This is a very popular website where you can stream movies for free. You will get thousand of movies over here and along with them, you will be able to watch the popular TV shows as well. You will get everything at the best quality.

  • Megashare Movies

This is another very common movie streaming website where you get unlimited movies to watch for free. You will get to see the old and new movies of different genres including romance, comedy, action, suspense, thrill etc. The entire site is user-friendly thus, providing the best user experience. No need to register over the site to watch movies, everything is direct and simple.

So, choose any of the methods and watch movies every time for free.